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Ensure your building site is safe

Ensure your property is free of asbestos

We work closely with licensed asbestos removal companies who carry out surveys and subsequent removal works to our exacting standards, all within the project requirements. So, if you're planning a building project which is being held up due to asbestos issues, then don't hesitate to get it touch with CPH. We can help get things back on track.

Choose CPH for premier dismantling services

Where traditional methods of demolition are not possible, such as working in close proximity to adjacent properties or pedestrian areas we can dismantle structures by hand.

"CPH Site Services have just completed demolitions for us on a site containing both traditional and reinforced concrete framed buildings."

We can solve all of your asbestos problems today

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This involves detailed planning in accordance with the type and height of structure to be demolished and employing the correct method of dismantling in order to execute a safe undertaking of the works.