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Ancillary works throughout Addlestone

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As well as our main field of expertise we also offer various ancillary services. These range from lake reclamation works, involving the construction of a stone gabion wall to prevent further bank erosion to the removal and safe disposal of contaminated spoils containing anything from heavy metals, hydro-carbons to asbestos materials.

Recycling your waste materials effectively

CPH Site Services will make every endeavour to prevent or reduce the amount of waste taken to landfill by means of recycling, re-use or reclamation or any other process with a view of extracting secondary materials.

It is the company's stated policy to fully recognise and comply in every respect with all relevant sections of all acts put in place by the Environment Agency.

"The job was efficiently managed, taking into account sensitivities of the many adjoining residents."

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For more information about our strip out works services please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our gallery and view our previous projects.

A demolition audit is written for each job with relevant environmental responsibilities and it is the company's aim to ensure all employees are fully briefed as to the protocol for each site and that all adequate resources are made available.

All employees and contractors should are aware that they have an environmental obligation to recycle as much as possible to reduce immediate impacts on the environment and thus reduce the amount of waste being deposited in landfill sites.